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Chief Duties

Page history last edited by cbhegarty 7 years, 7 months ago

Chief Duties


  1. Scheduling: Block, ED, etc.
  2. Coordinate HCMC G2 resident swap.
  3. Operations: 
    1. Review all residency policies and procedures, promotion criteria, check for accuracy and recommend changes. 
    2. Liaison with Faculty: Provide information from residents to faculty at faculty meetings and directly to the Residency Director and Department Head. This can be formal or informal. Formal would include faculty meetings, meeting with the Residency Director and meeting with the Department Head
    3. Liaison with other departments: Meet with chief residents from other departments concerning issues of mutual interest - scheduling, conferences, etc.
  4. Conferences:
    1. Assist in conference preparation and operations (introduce speakers, summarize goals & objectives, make sure AV works, work with Coordinator to place on web.)
    2. Prepare and coordinate quarterly chief meeting.
    3. Select critical cases
    4. Trauma conference coordinator – be responsible for making sure the entire 3rd year class is signed up for their respective trauma talks, IM/EM or Grand Rounds.
    5. Participate in development and organization of 18-month curriculum.
    6. Aid the Asst PD in organizing combined conferences, research day
    7. Take leadership role in OHPE-sponsored resident conferences.
  5.  Rotators:
    1. Develop off-service rotating resident schedule.
    2. Coordinating orientation of off-service residents.
  6. Recruitment: coordinate chief resident participation in interview process (one chief resident should meet with every applicant).
  7. Orientation: Meet with incoming residents to discuss "nuts and bolts" of the residency and participate in new-resident teambuilding.
  8. Review intern wiki for accuracy of rotation information.
  9. Work with UMN on developing educational scheduling opportunities for residents, e.g., procedure labs, sim, etc.
  10. Attend ED Quality meetings; work with ED Quality Director on incorporation of quality activities into residency.
  11. Work with Asst PDs and Manager on development of residency social agenda, i.e., new-resident picnic, holiday open house, mid-winter event, match party, graduation dinner. Lead resident Wellness Committee.
  12. Act as contact for off-service resident or faculty encounters.
  13. Participate as a member of the Program Evaluation Committee.
  14. Assist with EM and off-service resident compliance with departmental policies and procedures, promotions criteria and chart completion.
  15. Monitor duty hour compliance.
  16. Assist with residency web site and annual report updates.
  17. Review FeedEM emails, sharing during conference, as appropriate.
  18. Committees: Attend meetings that affect the residency (e.g., Residency affairs, MD staff, GMEC, Residency Admin Team, PEC.)


Education Chief Job Description


Operations Chief Job Description


Quality Wellness Chief Job Description



Comments (6)

Amy Koonce said

at 8:06 am on Apr 25, 2016

1. Break up sched chief: Block/Vacation & Backup/Pull
17. FeedEM - info/feedback coming back to residents. Bring back positive feedback to conference/residents.
Add Alan to FeedEM email chain.

Amy Koonce said

at 9:07 am on Apr 25, 2016

Senior Staff meeting - chief should be at that. Ops - good. Quality - third on the list. Educational/Residency related meetings are priority.

Adding a chief interview. Tour/chitchat separate.

Amy Koonce said

at 9:10 am on Apr 25, 2016

Get impt meetings on chiefs calendar.

cbhegarty said

at 10:21 am on Apr 26, 2016

Create a HP email group called 'EM Cheifs' or something like that.

cbhegarty said

at 10:42 am on Apr 26, 2016

For 2017-18, thought to rotate Chief roles (if possible)

cbhegarty said

at 10:43 am on Apr 26, 2016

For the July Res Affairs Committee meeting: add list of residency rep roles (ex: EMRA) with current resident filling role, and if it's open ask for volunteers for roles

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