Quality Wellness Chief

Quality/Wellness Chief


Listed below are the responsibilities of the quality/social chief. This chief is accountable for all the listed activities and will report to the Residency Director. The responsibility to accomplish the activities can be delegated to other residents throughout the year. In addition, it is expected that you will support the other chiefs in accomplishing their duties.


  1. Attend ED Quality meetings; work with ED Quality Director on incorporation of quality activities into residency.
  2. Work with Asst PDs and Manager on development of residency social agenda, i.e., new-resident picnic, holiday open house, mid-winter event, match party, graduation dinner. 
  3. Lead resident Wellness/Service Committee.
  4. Orientation: Meet with incoming residents to discuss "nuts and bolts" of the residency and participate in new-resident teambuilding. 
  5. Develop off-service rotating resident schedule.
  6. Assist with coordination and orientation of off-service residents. 
  7. Act as contact for off-service resident or faculty encounters.
  8. Work with Education Chief to input resident schedules into Amion 
  9. Participate as a member of the Program Evaluation Committee.
  10. Recruitment: coordinate chief resident participation in interview process (one chief resident should meet with every applicant).
  11. Assist with EM and off-service resident compliance with departmental policies and procedures, promotions criteria and chart completion.
  12. Monitor duty hour compliance.
  13. Assist with residency web site and annual report updates.
  14. Review FeedEM emails, sharing during conference, as appropriate.
  15. Committees: Attend meetings that affect the residency (e.g., Residency affairs, MD staff, GMEC, Residency Admin Team, PEC.) 
  16. Other duties as assigned.


Quality Wellness Chief Checklist