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Operations Chief

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Operations Chief


Listed below are the responsibilities of the operations chief. This chief is accountable for all the listed activities and will report to the Assistant Residency Director (Rachel Dahms). The responsibility to accomplish the activities can be delegated to other residents throughout the year. In addition, cooperation with other chiefs in accomplishing their duties is encouraged.


  1. Scheduling: To develop the schedule for EM residents in the ED and the block rotations for all EM residents given guidelines from the Asst. Residency Director. To develop the back-up and pull schedule for residents in the ED given guidelines from the Asst. Residency Director. Submit final schedule to Asst. Residency Director for approval. Uphold ACGME duty hours requirements.
  2. Work with Asst PD on vacation requests and approvals.
  3. Attend ED Operations meetings to represent resident perspective, concerns and suggestions regarding operations issues; work with committee chair (Karen Quaday)
  4. Review all residency policies and procedures, promotion criteria, check for accuracy and recommend changes.
  5. Coordinate HCMC G2 swap (for 2016-17, may change to a different Chief in 2017-18) 
  6. Liaison with Faculty: Provide information from residents to faculty at faculty meetings and directly to the Residency Director and Department Head. This can be formal or informal. Formal would include faculty meetings, meeting with the Residency Director and meeting with the Department Head.
  7. Liaison with other departments: Meet with chief residents from other departments concerning issues of mutual interest - scheduling, conferences, etc.
  8. Orientation: Meet with incoming residents to discuss "nuts and bolts" of the residency and participate in new-resident teambuilding.
  9. Committees: Attend (or select representative when appropriate for) meetings that affect the residency (e.g., Residency Affairs, MD staff, GMEC, Residency Admin Team, Program Evaluation) and distribute pertinent information to residents from these meetings.
  10. Recruitment: participate in interview process as coordinated by quality/social chief (one chief resident should meet with every applicant).
  11. Assist Quality Chief with coordinating orientation of off-service residents.
  12. Other duties as assigned.


Ops Chief Checklist  

Comments (1)

Amy Koonce said

at 8:59 am on Apr 25, 2016

Jackie wants to do more. Switch roles 6mo. This is not optimal for the scheduling role. Get the schedule out 6mo. Amion input by Quality/Ed Chiefs. Collaborate on the duties. Build the framework for for making chief changes for 17-18. Bring to PEC/RAC to see if it is feasible.

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